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Effectiveness of DR-XENIJI

Benefits of improved healthy metabolism

  • Enhances nutrition absorption
  • Promote intellectual (brain) development
  • Maximizes the metabolism of nutrients for healthy physical growth
Expectant Mothers:

  • Helps in absorption of nutrients
  • Helps in optimal and healthy growth of the fetus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces complication of pregnancy


  • Helps maintain normal metabolism to regulate cholesterol levels
  • Prevent accumulation of excessive fat
  • Helps regulate blood glucose uptake by the body
  • Helps normalize renal high blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of cancer cell formation

  • Delay aging process
  • Invigorates and maintains efficiency of body organs

More Than 7 Wonders of 1000 Days of Fermentation

  • DR-XENIJI was initially developed to provide nourishment for pregnant mothers and development of healthy fetus.
  • More than 1000 days of fermentation allows all nutrients from the fruit and vegetables to be fully fermented, hence creating the most Bio-active Board Spectrum co-factor and co-enzyme. The activation of digestive and metabolic processes requires different co-enzyme and co-factors that can be found in DR-XENIJI, the broad spectrum co-factor and co-enzyme.
  • More than 1000 days of fermentation produces bioactive micro-fine nutrients that are in predigested form ready to be absorbed by cells, hence ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of metabolism in cells.
  • Bioactive micro-fine nutrients are fast absorbed in our body therefore less energy is required for metabolism of food and nutrients, hence reducing the stress levels in the body which leads to improved health.
  • More than 1000 days of fermentation allows the capturing of full spectrum of phytonutrients and energy from all seasons of 52 types of fruits and vegetables together with Muscovado (raw brown sugar).
  • More than 1000 days of fermentation allows fruits and vegetables to ferment naturally. No heating or chemicals are required to sterilize or to quicken the fermentation process, hence all nutrients are preserved.
  • Because it is a broad spectrum co-factor/co-enzyme, it acts as a booster catalyst for metabolic processes in our body, hence it has a positive effects on illnesses related to metabolic disorders.
  • Boosted Activity of NK Cells by 6.5 Folds
    Absorption of Sugar into Bloodstream Curbed by 80%
  • Lower Hypertension Causing ACE** Activity Levels by 90%

All the above illnesses are related to metabolic processes not being performed at their peak optimal level in the cells.

Remarks: ** ACE activity level is related to renal blood pressure

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dr. Xeniji - The Expert in Broad Spectrum Enzyme Catalyst

  • It is manufactured using a unique fermentation process that takes more than 1000 days.
  • Dr. Xeniji is a result of over 30 years of fermentation and 20 years of biotechnology research and development.
  • Maximum enzyme activity in plant nutrients is preserved by starting fermentation in winter at -2C with gradual temperature increase to 25C.
  • Power-packed with as many as 53 types of fruits and vegetables, with rare plants having therapeutic effect that naturally grown in mountainous region in Japan, China and Korea like silver-vine, wild-vine and akebi.
  • Whole fruits and vegetables are used, including seeds, skin, pulps and roots (the best parts of the plants with the highest levels of enzyme catalyst) in order to retain full nutrient goodness.
  • Its fermentation base is Muscovado - a raw brown sugar high in mineral content but low in Glycemic Index (blood sugar) that is safe for consumption by diabetics.
  • Broad spectrum Enzyme Booster means that it has a full range of co-factors and co-enzymes that are beneficial for our entire metabolic system, nourishing all body organs.
  • The fomulation of Dr. Xeniji controls the type, quality and quantity of fruit and vegetables to be used according to specific seasons of the year in order to obtain best nutritional value.
  • This long fermentation period ensures complete maturation and formation of a broad spectrum of Enzyme Catalyst (resembling the micro-forms already in use by our body).
  • Dr. Xeniji unique formulation and fermentation processes have been awarded US Patents.
  • Dr. Xeniji is the FIRST & ONLY fermented functional food certified by JACT (Japanese Association of Alternative, Complementary and Tradisional Medicine) as a natural food product with therapeutic effects that is safe, effective and reliable.
  • The entire fermentation process is conducted in strict compliance to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practise) as approved by Australia TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
  • It is given Japan Health Food Authorisation (JHFA).

Dr. Xeniji Certification

The unique formulation and fermentation processes have been awarded US patents
  • Dr. Xeniji was certified as a neutraceutical / functional food by JACT, Japan. (The FIRST & ONLY fermented functional food certified by JACT - Japanese Association of Alternative, Complementary anf Tradisional Medicine)
  • Neutraceuticals are natural products that offer therapeutic health effects.
  • Functional food are like the garlic that has natural antibiotic function and the ginger that can reduce coldness in our body.

Mark of an excellent product certified by
Compliance with Worldwide Quality Standard
GMP STANDARD (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Benefit of 1000 days Fermentation

What Does More Than 1000-Days of Fermentation Do?

  • Breaks down plant from raw complex forms into bioactive fine micro-forms (Enzyme Catalyst), that can be easily absorbed even by an unborn baby.
  • Creates a host of bioactive micronutrients that will energize the cancer-fighting cells in our body and lower the risk of cancer.
  • Releases the health-giving goodness of the skin and seeds of fruits. Skin pigments of fruits like grape and apple contain high bio-active energies that reduce the risk of skin cancer. The seeds of fruits are highly beneficial. The grape seed, for example is one of the most powerful sources of anti-oxidant that fights free radicals, prevents senility, inhibits blood vessel blockages, and actually protects our brain and nervous system!
  • Releases a broad spectrum of co-enzymes and co-factors, so that our body benefits from the full range that enhances the effectiveness of our entire metabolic system instead of just one specific organ.
Health Benefits of DR. XENIJI
1. Increases cancer fighting cells and reduces abnormal cell mutation
(ClinicalProof: Dr. Xeniji boosted the activity of NK cells (cancer fighting cells) by as much as 6.5 folds within a mere 24 hour)
2. Inhibits the accumulation of blood sugar in controlling diabetes
(Clinical Proof: Dr. Xeniji inhibits the absorption of blood sugar into the body by as much as 80%)
3. Regulates cell activity

    • Stimulates and balances enzyme activity levels in cells
    • Heightens up the low enzyme activity level of lethargic people
    • Lowers down the high enzyme activity level of renal-hypertension sufferers, normalizing high blood pressure.

    Clinical Proof: 50mg/ml of Dr. Xeniji lowers high blood pressure by 90%

    Clinical Proof: DR-XENIJI inhibits the absorption of blood sugar into the body by as much as 80%.

    Source of point for 1., 2. & 3. : These studies were conducted with cooperation with 2nd Department of Medical Biochemistry, School of Medicine, Ehime University, Shigenobu-cho, Onsen-gun, Ehime, Japan together with Matsuyama-Nishi Hoespital, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan.

    4. Increases the fertility rate of couples with low fertility
    Hundreds of couples with low fertility, some of them have been married for more than 10
    years without conceiving had benefited from Dr. Xeniji.
    5. Improves digestion for better nutrients absorption and utilisation
    6. Enhances vitality by effectively converting nutrients into energy
    7. Improves detoxification and bowel movement thus reducing toxic accumulation.
    8. Dr. Xeniji enhances the innate vitality of plants. Plants grow to their maximum capacity.
    Similarly, Dr. Xeniji promotes complete brain deveopment in children as it encourages
    physical growth according to the individual child's DNA.


    • FAST-ACTING: in clinical tests, Dr. Xeniji boosted the activity of NK cells by 6.5 folds within a mere 24 hours.
    • Completely safe for consumption by anyone - even pregnant mothers and little babies.

    Dr. Shingoro Matsuura

    Inventor of Dr. Xeniji: PhD. Shingoro Matsuura
    He dedicated 30 years of his life in pursuit of the perfect fermentation and biotechnology processes to produce the world's first broad spectrum Enzyme Catalyst. He studied Breeding and Fermentation in Tokyo Agricultural University to shed light on the mystery of enzymes. He organised 1st International Symposium on fermented food in Japan. As at 1996, he has initiated total of six international symposiums worldwide including Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Japan, etc., the most recent being Hamburg, Germany in 2002. In Japan alone, he has held over 36 symposiums. The most recent is the one that held in Humburg, Germany in 2002.


    Muscovado is the fementation base used in Dr. Xeniji. It is a native product & daily food of Okinawa Islander, Japan. According to Scientists, it can prevent and repair pathological states like - fracture, decayed teeth, obesity, diabetes and arteriosclerosis. No country on the earth has a longer life expectancy than Japan, and no where in Japan do people live longer than they do in Okinawa Island - Land of the Immortals.
    Source:; Murakami, M., Proc Symp. Wakan-Yaku, 5, 146-148 (1971); Kimura, Y., at al., YAKUGAKU ZASSHI, 102(7), 666-669 (1982)

    Friday, May 20, 2005

    Dr. Xeniji

    US Patent, unique formulation & fermentation process. Certification by GMP, JHFA. Fully fermented, more than 1000 days fermentation.
    The Miracle of Fermented Food, Ancient Civilazation. Human Body, Natural Fermentation Factory.More Than Enzyme! Co-factor + Co-enzyme = DR - XENIJI.DR - XENIJI, Enhance Metabolism, Digestion, Absorption, Metabolize.DR - XENIJI, by Dr. Shigoro Matsuura, with more than 30 years of fermentation experiences, 23 years in advanced biotechnological research.For Children, enhances nutritiin absorption, promote intellectual development, better growth.For Adults, reduces the risk of cancer cell formation, Prevent accumulation of excessive fat, regulate sugar uptake by the body, normalizing high blood pressure.For Pregnant, helps in absorption of nutrients, helps in optimal and healthy growth of the fetus, more energetic, reduces complication of pregnancy.For Elders, delay aging process.


    Process by which the living cell is able to obtain energy through the breakdown of glucose and other simple sugar molecules without requiring oxygen. Fermentation is achieved by somewhat different chemical sequences in different species of organisms. Two closely related paths of fermentation predominate for glucose. When muscle tissue receives sufficient oxygen supply, it fully metabolizes its fuel glucose to water and carbon dioxide. However, at times of strenuous activity, muscle tissue uses oxygen faster than the blood can supply it. During this anaerobic condition, the six-carbon glucose molecule is only partly broken down to two molecules of the three-carbon sugar called lactic acid . This process, called lactic acid fermentation, also occurs in many microorganisms and in the cells of most higher animals. In alcoholic fermentation, such as occurs in brewer's yeast and some bacteria, the production of lactic acid is bypassed, and the glucose molecule is degraded to two molecules of the two-carbon alcohol , ethanol, and to two molecules of carbon dioxide. Many of the enzymes of lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation are identical to the enzymes that bring about the metabolic conversion known as glycolysis . Alcoholic fermentation is a process that was known to antiquity. Before 2000 BC the Egyptians apparently knew that crushed fruits stored in a warm place would produce a substance with a pleasant intoxicating power. By 1500 BC the production of beer from germinating cereals (malt) and the preparation of wines from crushed grapes were established arts in most of the Middle East. Aristotle believed that grape juice was an infantile form of wine and that fermentation was, therefore, the maturation of the grape extract. Interest in the process of fermentation has continued through the ages, and much of modern biochemistry, especially enzyme studies, has emerged directly from early studies on the fermentation process. One of the earliest laboratories established for the study of biological chemistry was that founded in Copenhagen in 1875 and financed by the brewing family of Jacob Christian Jacobsen.